About us

Journalists witness and record Tunisia’s legislators voting in favor of adopting a new constitution from the rafters of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People (ARP) in Bardo, Tunis, January 26, 2014. Photo by Meshkal news team.

Meshkal (the Arabic word for Kaleidoscope) is a new online site launched in April 2019. It aims to report high-quality, objective news about Tunisia with high frequency. Meshkal aims for high standards of professionalism, including in each article clear and understandable datelines and bylines, multiple sources and often opposing perspectives on events, and the crucial historical, social, political, and/or cultural context for new developments that are missing from so many articles that assume the readers already know all the background. While launching in English is primarily the result of the current limited operational capacity of Meshkal’s staff, our goal is to move towards producing every report in both Arabic and English.  We also believe it is important to create spaces in which increasingly Anglophone North Africans can produce news themselves, about themselves, in both English and Arabic.

Some have called Meshkal a “start-up,” and the term is not entirely inaccurate. But on principle we don’t see journalism as an industry, news as a commodity, or readers as consumers. We see journalism as a calling, news as an educational resource, and readers as our community and as ourselves.

– Meshkal editorial board